Cool City Committee


To work and connect with civic and city organizations, committees and commissions to move the city in a spirited direction, making businesses, neighborhoods, and events a greater success and promoting the City positively.

Members & Meeting Dates

Staff Liaison: Henry Bowman, Parks & Recreation Director
Council Liaison: David Rubello
Chair: Joe Fresard
Vice Chair: Paul Bjorngaard
Secretary: Khatina Breiss
Treasurer: Gary Micu

Members: Elizabeth Cacevic, Karalynn Conger,  Ashton Dillon, Mary Beth Faba, Robert Fetter, Amy Florek, David Harden, Judi Hill, Stephanie Londo, Sandra Lopez,  David Micallef, Mariella Micu, Kayleigh Vandenbusche, and Charles Hall (Alternate).

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month in City Hall located at 27600 Jefferson, south of 11 Mile Rd.
Check the Cool City Committee  for up-to-date information on meeting days/times.

Contact Us

  1. Henry Bowman
    Parks & Recreation Director
    Staff Liaison

    David Rubello
    Council Member
    Council Liaison