Re-Assessment Process

The State Tax Commission performs an audit of minimum assessing requirements on various cities and townships every year. Part of the state’s audit is to review the city’s property record cards which detail the items being valued on a particular parcel. The state is looking for record cards to be at least 90% accurate. Their suggested method to ensure this is to canvas 20% of the community each year. The last time St. Clair Shores was canvassed was in 1998.

The Assessing Department began canvassing the city again in 2011 and anticipates completing the city by the end of 2017. During the next few years, we will physically measure every property along with any porches and outbuildings unless there is a no-trespassing sign. If there is a no trespassing sign or there is no access to a property, the assessors will estimate what can be seen from the street or neighbors’ yards. While we are at each property, we will be noting any updates and verifying whether there is a driveway and taking a photo of the home.

Added or Removed Items

As a part of the process, it is certain that the assessors will find items that have been added or removed without permits or were simply missed in previous years. In this case anything added to the record card will result in an increase in your 2015-17 taxes. Anything removed from the record card will result in a decrease to your 2018 taxes unless there is evidence it was removed prior to December 31, 2016. A property owner will be able to view revisions to their record card online after November 1st.


There will be two teams of 2 people canvassing each street. Assessors Teri Socia and Vicky Shipman will each have a partner helping with the measuring. All team members wear an identification badge and City of St Clair Shores logo shirts. We will be canvassing from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For the 2017 season, we will be measuring homes located on the lake or on major roads (Little Mack, Twelve Mile etc). We expect to be in the field during the months of April through July, and September through November.