Code Enforcement

The code enforcement department handles complaints about possible violations of the city’s codes and ordinances.

  1. Violations / Complaints
  2. Grass Cutting & Noxious Weeds
  3. Rodent Abatement Program
  4. Snow Removal

The city's most common complaints:

  • Tall grass & weeds, general overgrowth
  • Sidewalk snow removal
  • Rodent sightings


  • A complaint can be logged through this website by clicking on Request for Service, calling our Code Enforcement Hotline at 586-447-3399, or emailing your complaint to
  • YOU MUST PROVIDE AN ADDRESS WHEN SUBMITTING A COMPLAINT. Otherwise, we cannot log the complaint into our system and schedule an inspection.
  • Due to the sheer volume of complaints received by the Code Enforcement staff, we cannot reply with the results of every complaint.
  • Please feel free to follow up on your submitted complaint approximately 7 to 10 business days after it has been submitted, and we can provide you with additional information.


  • A Code Enforcement Inspector will visit if there is a complaint against you or your property.
  • You will likely receive a Notice of Violation if the complaint is legitimate. This is a courtesy notification. You will typically have 7-10 business days to correct the violation or contact our offices to arrange a plan of action.
  • Some violations, like snow removal or grass cutting, will be handled within 1 business day of the violation. 
  • If the violation has not been corrected or you have not contacted our offices within the given time frame, then you may receive a courtesy Final Notice of Violation or a citation, and your appearance at the 40th District Court will be required.

The intent of the Code Enforcement Department is to maintain or improve the overall condition, aesthetics, and livability of St. Clair Shores. That being said, the Code Enforcement Supervisor is here to work with you to help resolve violations in the most efficient manner possible. The Code Enforcement staff work hard to resolve issues without issuing tickets.


If you want to appeal the charges for services provided through our Code Enforcement Department, please fill out our Appeals Form and submit it to the Community Development Department, attention Code Enforcement.