Code Enforcement

The code enforcement department handles complaints related to possible violations of the city’s codes and ordinances.

Common complaints that the city receives are related to tall grass and weeds, sidewalk snow removal, rodent sightings, general overgrowth, and many other complaints.

A complaint can be logged through this website by clicking on Request for Service, by calling our Code Enforcement Hotline at
586-447-3399, or by emailing your complaint to

Due to the sheer volume of complaints received by the Code Enforcement staff, we are unable to reply with the results of every complaint received.

Please feel free to follow up on your submitted complaint approximately 7 to 10 business days after it has been submitted and we can provide you with additional information.

YOU MUST PROVIDE AN ADDRESS WHEN SUBMITTING A COMPLAINT. Otherwise, we will not be able to log the complaint into our system and schedule an inspection.

If you are interested in appealing the charges for services provided through our Code Enforcement Department, please fill out our Appeals Form and submit it to the Community Development Department, attention Code Enforcement.