Handgun Purchase & CPL Information

The Macomb County Clerk handles all Concealed Pistol Licenses. Visit their website for more information.

Handgun Purchase Permits

Michigan law requires that persons obtain a handgun purchase permit before any transfer of a handgun. The law allows only the registered handgun owner to have that gun in their possession. For any PRIVATE transfer of ownership, no matter whether a sale for money, trade or even as a gift, the person receiving the handgun must obtain a purchase permit from their local police agency unless they have a CCW license that was issued after 7-01-2002. The private pistol transfer must then be registered with the police department of the new owner. The dealer will handle all the background and registration paperwork if the sale or transfer is through a licensed dealer. There is no need to contact your local police department. 

The person who intends to obtain a handgun must first apply in OSS. An application must be completed and signed by the intended purchaser. After the application is completed and signed, OSS personnel must perform a complete criminal background investigation. No purchase permit can be issued to anyone convicted of a felony. Also, federal law prohibits a person convicted of domestic assault within the last 8 years from obtaining or possessing a handgun. In cases where an assault on a person's record, they may be required to obtain copies of the original report and the court disposition.

Concealed Pistol License

Licenses to carry a concealed weapon are issued by the Macomb County Gun Board.

The St. Clair Shores Police Department does not process CPL applications. However, applications are available in the lobby of the Police Department.

You may also download an application from the State Police website.