Sewer Division


To report a water or sewer emergency after hours, call Police Dispatch at 586-777-6700.

Problems & Inspections

If you have a sewer problem that a private sewer cleaning company cannot resolve, contact the Sewer Division at 586-445-5363. Under no circumstances should a resident contract to have a sewer line excavated without first obtaining a permit and arranging for inspection from the Community Development Department. The Sewer Department will be glad to offer assistance and advice on any repairs or maintenance you’re considering on your sewer lead.

The city is responsible for the main sewer line. The homeowner is responsible for the line that leads from the home to the point where the line attaches to the city’s main, which might be across the street. We strongly suggest a routine maintenance plan to help prevent problems with your sanitary sewer.

Finally, any problems in the right of way, such as sinking ground or pavement or bad odors from sewers, should be reported to the Department of Public Works at 586-445-5363.

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