Snow Removal

Salting & Plowing

Main roads, emergency and school routes are salted and plowed when there is snowfall. Local and side streets are plowed when snow accumulation reaches 6" or more or when a snow emergency is declared.

During a snow emergency, vehicles need to be removed from the street so that the plows can do a proper cleaning job. Those left in the street will be ticketed.

Plowing of local streets begins after all main roads are open to reasonable traffic flow. Plowing continues until all streets are plowed.

Unfortunately, driveway approaches are filled when local streets are plowed, but it is necessary to plow allow access for emergency vehicles.

It is unlawful to place the snow back on the roadway once the street is plowed. 

Plowing Schedule

The main roads that are plowed are Nine Mile Road, Greater Mack from Eight to Ten Mile Roads and Twelve and Thirteen Mile Roads, Jefferson from south limits to north limits, Marter, the Mile Roads, Fresard, Stephens, Martin, Masonic and Little Mack.

For local roads, the city is divided into two zones, Eight Mile Road to Eleven Mile Road and Eleven Mile Road to the north limits. Both zones are plowed simultaneously. Please remove vehicles from local roads during heavy snowfall. This makes plowing more efficient, avoids damage to parked vehicles, and insures proper plowing from curb to curb.

Once the local streets are completed, the D.P.W. will respond to individual service requests.

The D.P.W. will not re-plow an area where cars are left on the street during plowing.