Rodent Abatement Program

Did you know that cities and suburban areas have their own ecosystem just like forests and other natural areas? Much of the wildlife you see outside of your house has adapted to life with humans. Squirrels, birds, raccoons, and opossums are all native wildlife in our suburban ecosystem. Unfortunately, so are rats.

Rat populations ebb and flow over the course of the seasons and years, and lately, it seems that there are more rats in St. Clair Shores than in years and decades past.

The City of St. Clair Shores is committed to providing a safe and healthy suburban environment for our residents so we have devised a comprehensive Rat Abatement Program. If you see rats in your neighborhood, or evidence thereof, please submit a complaint to our department by clicking on the "Report a Concern" button on the left side of this page. MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE THE ADDRESS OF THE RAT SIGHTING. We will send out an inspector to confirm your suspicions.

Should the inspector find evidence of rats living in your yard because your property is a primary source of food, water, and/or shelter, we will ask that you remove those attractions.

The city is committed to eradicating rodents; however, we need assistance from property owners to maintain their yards and buildings for the program to be a success.