Recycling and Garbage Carts


  • GFL will supply a 64-gallon recycling container to residents.
  • Each resident gets their first cart free from GFL.
  • Call them directly at 586-806-8944
  • 18 Gallon recycle bins can be picked up from the DPW for free.


  • The city sells 64- and 96-gallon trash containers for residents to purchase.
  • Order online with a PayPal Account or purchase in person, at the Cashier's office inside City Hall at 27600 Jefferson.

General Information

  • The carts are not interchangeable.
  • GFL will not service trash placed in a recycle cart/bin.
  • Use of the larger containers for recycling or waste collection is voluntary.
  • Residents may use a 32-gallon waste can with a compost sticker.