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Swimming Lessons

Session 1:   June 19 - June 30
Session 2:  July 3 - July 14 (classes will be held on July 4)
Session 3:  July 17 - July 28
Session 4:  July 31 - August 11

Days/Times:  11-11:50 AM or 12-12:50 PM, Monday-Friday

All classes are taught by trained American Red Cross Lifeguards and Water Safety Instructors. 

Registration Information

In-person (Residents only): 8 AM-4 PM, May 1-May 6
In-person (Everyone): 8 AM-4 PM, May 8 to Labor Day


Register online: Beginning Monday, May 8


LevelLesson TypeResident FeeNon-Resident Fee
Level 1Water Exploration (Tots) (42 inches)$52$57
Level 2Primary Skills (Beginners)$52$57
Level 3Stroke Readiness (Advanced Beginners)$57$62
Level 4Stroke Development (Intermediates)$57$62
Level 5Stroke Refinement (Swimmer)$57$62
Level 6Skill Proficiency (Advanced Swimmer)$57$72

*Class sizes will be limited* 

Lesson Descriptions

LEVEL 1 - Water Exploration (Tots) 42" Height

  • Orientation to aquatic environment. Create a sound foundation for aquatic and safety skills.
  • Course Content: Supported floating kicking and arm action on front and back, alternating arm action, water safety rules, how to get help in an emergency, reaching assist with and without equipment, fundamentals of using a life jacket.

LEVEL 2 - Primary Skills (Beginners)

  • Expand fundamental aquatic locomotion and safety skills.
  • Course Content: Floating and kicking on front and back, development of freestyle and backstroke, introduction of rhythmic breathing, combined stroke on front and back, turning over front to back/back to front, reaching and extension assists.

LEVEL 3 - Stroke Readiness (Advanced Beginners)

  • Increase swimming skill competency. Practice safety and rescue skills, and introducing new stroke. 
  • Course Content: Introduction to breaststroke side stroke, and butterfly, jumping into deep water without a life jacket, diving from side of pool, treading water, self-rescue, strengthening rhythmic breathing.

LEVEL 4 - Stroke Development (Intermediates)

  • Develop confidence and competency in strokes and safety skills. Introduction and development of elementary backstroke and butterfly. 
  • Course Content: Dives from side of pool from stride and standing positions, development of breaststroke, sidestroke, and butterfly, and introduction of flip turns.

LEVEL 5 - Stroke Refinement (Swimmer)

  • Continue refinement of front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke, breaststroke, sidestroke, and butterfly; surface dives, and also includes springboard diving. 
  • Course Content: Alternate breathing, swimming underwater, development of butterfly, open turns on front and back, diving safety and pool safety.

LEVEL 6 - Skill Proficiency (Advanced Swimmer)

  • Develop maximum efficiency and endurance for strokes, encourage lifetime fitness. Refine strokes learned in previous levels, teach advanced rescue skills, and prepare the students for competition.
  • Course Content: Tuck and pile surface dives, alternative kicks for treading water, variety of skills to prepare or lifeguarding courses in the future.