Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)


The ADA Coordinator for the 40th District Court is: Andrea R. Strassburg

  • Phone: 586-445-5280


If you require accommodations for a disability, please fill out the ADA Request Form Below.

MCR 1.111(B)(1) requires the court to appoint a foreign language interpreter when requested and if the court determines such services are necessary for meaningful participation in the case or court proceeding or, if in the court's own determination, it is deemed necessary. This requirement holds true for both civil and criminal case proceedings.

Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires the state and local governments to provide reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities to provide access to a court program, service, or building. requests for accommodations are decided on a case-by-case basis, with the court and the requestor engaging in a dialogue to determine the best reasonable accommodation for the persons.

Because of the spread of the Coronavirus and COVID-19 illness, court facilities closed to the public in March 2020. In order to continue conducting court business, Michigan courts began holding proceedings remotely beginning at the end of March 2020. The need for accommodations under the ADA will continue with remote hearings, although many may look different in a remote world. Michigan courts use Zoom to hold remote proceedings.

The need for ADA accommodations has not disappeared with remote proceedings, but the type of accommodations may look different than courts are accustomed to.

Review Request

*If the response by the ADA Coordinator or designee does not satisfactorily resolve the issue, the complainant or complainant’s designee may request a review of the decision within 15 calendar days after receiving the response. Within 15 calendar days after receipt of the request for review, the chief judge or designee will consult with the complainant to discuss the complaint and possible resolutions. Within 15 calendar days after the consultation, the chief judge or designee will respond in writing in a format accessible to the complainant, with a final resolution of the complaint.