Construction Projects

Construction Project Update – January 20, 2023 


Gordon Road Reconstruction:

Project is suspended for the winter months and final site restoration and punch list items will be completed in the spring.  


2023 Street Reconstructions:

- Greater Mack Avenue from Martin to Lanse

- Ursuline Street from Pleasant to Stephens

- New York Street from Joy to Deziel

- Rhode Island Street from Masonic to Playview

- County Club Drive (Resurfacing with base repairs)


2023 TIP Projects:

- Masonic from Harper to I-94 (Pavement repairs)

- 11 Mile from Little Mack to I-94 (Resurfacing with base repairs)


2022 Completed Projects:

- Briarcliff Street Reconstruction

-Lanse Street Reconstruction

- Maplegrove Water Main Replacement

- Elmdale Street Reconstruction 

- Florence Water Main Replacement 

- Sidewalk Program District 8

- Local Street Repairs

Deziel: New York to North city limits

Edgewater: Masonic to GM

Euclid: Harper to GM

Elmgrove: Grossedale to Garfield

Yale: Jefferson to Manhattan

Erben: Little Mack to Jefferson

Maxine: Harper to GM

Chalon: Eastlawn to Harper


- Major Street Concrete Repairs

            Little Mack from 10 Mile to 12 Mile

            Jefferson Ave from 12 Mile to 13 Mile