Construction Projects

Elmdale Street Reconstruction 

Trees to be planted the week of November 21st

Gordon Road Water Main Replacement and Road Reconstruction

Due to the ongoing industry wide cement shortage, paving has been pushed back to Monday November 21, 2022. Residents on the south side of Gordon will lose access to their driveway beginning November 17, 2022. During this time, residents on the south side of Gordon will be required to park on adjacent side streets or at the VFW parking lot (28404 Jefferson Ave. Once the mainline concrete reaches cure on or around November 28th, the contractor will begin restoring driveway access with maintenance aggregate. 

Immediately following the paving operation construction traffic and resident vehicle traffic will be fully restricted from the newly placed concrete for a “curing period” of approximately 7 days.  This will allow the concrete roadway to properly cure and ensure the quality and longevity of the roadway. Residents on the south side of Gordon should be prepared to have NO driveway access until around November 29th.

Florence Water Main Replacement

Site restoration is taking place. Florence Street is closed at Stanley Street and Gordon Road until the concrete for the water main connections reaches required strength (on or around November 22nd).

Local St Concrete Repairs

Contractor finished local street patching locations on November 16, 2022. The concrete will take around 7 days to reach required strength and then the cones will be removed on or around November 22nd

Major St Concrete Repairs

Contractor has finished joint sealing and will begin removing cones once the road is cleaned up and equipment is offsite.