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Posted on: November 29, 2022

Code Enforcement asks residents not to blow leaves and snow into streets

Fall leaves clogging a street drain

As the temperature continues to fall, so do the leaves and soon, snow. The task of keeping on top of raking and shoveling can be quite a chore for many of us, but it’s a necessary part of home ownership.

What isn’t necessary, or permitted, is raking or blowing leaves and snow into the street.

Although it seems harmless, it is against city ordinances, and getting caught will lead to a blow to your wallet in the form of a ticket.

Foliage in the street creates havoc for several reasons. Wet leaves turn the surface of the road into slick and dangerous terrain. Wet or dry leaves fall into the catch basin, clogging it and preventing water from properly draining from the street. If your street is flooding, chances are the catch basins are clogged with leaves.

Blowing snow into the street causes similar issues with clogging the drain. The build-up of frozen snow over the catch basin prevents water from melting and flowing.

Landscape and snow removal companies may not be aware of our ordinance. If you have a company service your leaf and snow removal, please make sure they are aware.

Many people call Code Enforcement to complain about someone blowing leaves or snow into the street. The problem is, we need to witness the act, and our code enforcement inspections are scheduled for the following day. Therefore, if you see someone blowing leaves or snow into the street, call the police department’s nonemergency dispatch number 586-777-6700 to report it. You need to act quickly though because the officer needs to see it happening.

You can find out more on our City Code & Ordinances page.

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